Clean Claire!

Claire is very clean, as is her husband and their three kids.

One day Claire called an urgent family meeting, to determine why her family were simply not creating enough mess! It was decided that Claire needed a dog. Not an 'oodle', but something which will lose a lot of hair and generally get really messy.

The next day, Claire came home with a golden retriever puppy. She called him Cillit Bang!

Claire's friends love it when they get sick, as she appears within minutes. She will spruce their house from top to bottom, no questions asked. Claire suspects that Tanya is not sick every Thursday morning, but she is happy to oblige. You should see the state of Tanya's house!

Claire's desire to clean everything did cause some concerns with her husband, who thoughtfully booked her a 2 night spa break with Tanya in a classy new spot in the country. Claire didn't return for 3 weeks!

Apparently the NewYou Spa & Grill has never been so clean. Claire now volunteers at the NewYou on a regular basis, in exchange for a brow & upper lip tidy.

If you know someone as clean as Claire, why not treat them to a fun stick family portrait. Not only will it go down a storm, but it will be one extra thing to clean. Winner! Why not check out the collection.

Oh .. also, if you do know Claire, please can I have her number. I might have a long term project for her!

Adele x

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