Betty Bakewell!

Meet Betty!

Age 63, cake crazy. I mean .. like, nuts! You just have to mention a birthday, anniversary, sore throat, verruca.. you name it, Betty will bake for it.

Betty loves baking so much that she once missed a whole weekend. She was asked to help the local hospital with their cake sale. She was so engrossed in frosting her whoopie's that she turned up 2 days late for her aqua aerobics. 

Betty has a budgie, named Cupcake. Says it all!

Whilst Betty's true passion is baking, she has just found herself a new man. She thinks he's a keeper, so in an attempt to 'keep' him, Ron has put 2 stone of cake on within the last 2 months. He has just joined the gym.

Ron made it to aqua on time!

If you know Betty Bakewell, or someone equally cake crazy, why not treat them to a fun stick family portrait, or bespoke card.

Everyone has 'a thing'. What's yours?

Mine is wine & chocolate, but neither rhyme with Adele, so that's that one dead in the water!

Why not check out the collection & make Betty's day!




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  • Can u do picture for Craig’s Gill ,she likes books love mum

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